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Hephaestus Global is more than a public relations and business consulting firm. We are champions of positivity, quality, and service. From press releases and media outreach to book publishing, M&A, franchise consultation, outsourced CMO services, and advisory services, we use every tool at our disposal to promote your brand, support our community, and reshape the media landscape. At Hephaestus Global, we forge success stories.

Forge Your Foundation

Forge your website and everything else you need in your ecosystem to have a strong foundation.

Secure Your Authority

Be seen in publications, podcasts, and even on TV to positive you as an authority.

Diversify and Scale

Scale your business through acquisitions and creative partnerships or plan your exit.

What is it that we work for?

When our founder Trey Carmichael got into the space nearly a decade ago he worked with a gentleman named Kyler Gifford in San Marcos, Texas. Kyler was a you real estate agent, at just 22 years old he was the youngest in his office.

When Kyler and Trey connected he shared with Trey that he had been on a dry spell for a while and would love to boost his visibility.

Fast forward about 90 days later and Kyler was ranked #1 on Google for San Marcos Realtor, San Marcos Real Estate, and San Marcos Real Estate Agent, he closed millions of dollars in real estate, and became the #1 agent in his office.

Fast forward just a little bit further and Kyler was a proud father who was able to take his foot off the gas and refer leads to other agents, maintain his clients, and focus on showing up for his family during that time.

That is what we work for.

What is it that you are working for?

Let’s build a plan that brings you closer to that.


“I’ve had the opportunity to work with Trey Carmichael in online marketing and PR and can attest to his solid work ethic.

Consistency and integrity underscore all his professional interactions, something which, in my experience, isn’t always a given in the industry.

Trey has consistently demonstrated a real concern for his clients’ needs. He puts in the effort to understand what we’re looking for, offering personalized strategies to meet our goals.

I’ve also noticed that he genuinely enjoys learning about new industry trends and ideas, which can bring fresh perspectives to projects.

In short, if you’re looking for a reliable, knowledgeable professional in marketing and PR, Trey Carmichael is a good choice. His dedication to his clients and passion for the field stand out.”

Dan Nicholson: Author of Rigging the Game and founder of Nths degree CPAs.

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