About Hephaestus Global

Hephaestus Global is a unique blend of entrepreneurial spirit, military precision, and ancient wisdom. We take our name and inspiration from the Greek god Hephaestus, the divine craftsman known for his ingenuity, creativity, and resilience, qualities that embody the entrepreneurial journey.

This firm is the brainchild of Trey Carmichael, a seasoned business consultant with nearly a decade-long legacy of excellence, and Stephen Swanson, a former army recruiter who spent 16 years serving his country with distinction. United by a shared vision, they’ve created an agency committed to the promotion of positivity and high-quality products and services.

Our Mission

Hephaestus Global is committed to reshaping the media landscape by promoting positivity and high-quality products and services, empowering clients to control their brand narrative and supporting youth, first responders, and veterans through innovative initiatives and strategic partnerships.

Our Vision

We envision a world where media channels are filled with positive, uplifting content that inspires and supports individuals and communities, fostering a healthier, more connected society that celebrates and elevates those who serve and protect us.

Our Core Values

Every representative of Hephaestus Global must be committed to being a Humble, Transparent, Collaborative, and Innovative Architect.

  • Humble – We will never approach prospects like the high and mighty advisors. There is a person or a team of people behind each and every business.
  • Transparent – We are committed to remaining transparent. Clients will always know what is going on. They will also know the moment something goes wrong and what we are doing to handle the situation and prevent it in the future. 
  • Collaborative – We are committed to not only seeking transaction, but also collaboration between positive entities at all times.
  • Innovative – We are committed to remaining educated on the evolution of the digital landscape so that we can deliver the highest quality services and advisory to our clients and partner. 
  • Architect – We are committed to embracing an architect’s mindset when observing and advising your business. Our goal is for each and every piece to work together intuitively.

Executive Summary

Hephaestus Global is more than a public relations and business consulting firm. We are champions of positivity, quality, and service. From press releases and media outreach to book publishing, M&A, franchise consultation, outsourced CMO services, and advisory services, we use every tool at our disposal to promote your brand, support our community, and reshape the media landscape. At Hephaestus Global, we forge success stories.

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Trey Carmicahel

Trey Carmichael has been in business in one way or another since he was a child.

He eventually found his way into legitimate business and kicked the drugs after being given the opportunity to work with Kyler Gifford on his Real Estate business. He was able to secure him the #1 spot on Google for San Marcos Realtor, San Marcos Real Estate, and San Marcos Real Estate Agent which allowed Kyler to become the #1 producing agent in his new office.

This also allowed him to take the foot off the pedal with his marketing when he had his son and cemented Trey’s passion for the industry.

After securing keywords across various industries Trey was called to step in as Operations Director or into a Consulting Role for various Marketing Agencies where he was able to help the owners documents their processes more effectively, automate everything they could, and then hire on the proper Virtual Assistance team to support the efforts.

In his nearly a decade in the marketing space Trey has now served hundreds of people and businesses directly or indirectly, has published 3 books of his own, and had his story featured in the international best seller “You Can Overcome Anything” by his close friend Cesar Espino.

He is also the host of Under the Crown.

Stephen Swanson

Stephen Swanson, a proud husband and father of 6 kids, was born and raised in Illinois.

He joined the Army as a Cavalry Scout and deployed twice to Iraq and twice to Afghanistan. He held various positions including squad leader, section sergeant, platoon sergeant, operations NCO, and recruiter. Stephen completed military training in air assault, Rappel master, and Fries/Spies. However, he was medically retired in 2017 due to multiple medical and mental problems.

After his retirement, Stephen pursued a college education at Grand Canyon University for 2 years. In addition to his military service, he is also a co-author of several books including Podcast Secrets, Google for Business, Digital Utility Belt, and SEO Secrets. He is also the co-founder of Hephaestus Global with Trey Carmichael.

Stephen Swanson is now the proud host of The Swandingo Files podcast where he interviews veterans and experts on their journey and provides valuable insights to those transitioning from military to civilian life. His passion for helping veterans combat the struggles that come with the transition stems from his own experience. He hopes to use his platform to create a community that supports and uplifts veterans around the world.