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In this episode of Under the Crown, host Trey Carmichael sits down with guest Ron Lynch, a seasoned strategist who shares his insights on building relationships and finding success in the world of business. From failed child actor to CEO, Ron Lynch has amassed a wealth of experience and knowledge in the field, generating billions in revenue and working with some of the most influential individuals in the industry. Join us as we delve into the strategies and principles behind Ron Lynch’s extraordinary success.

The Science of Trust and First Impressions:

To kick off the episode, Ron Lynch sheds light on the science behind trust and the role first impressions play in our social interactions. He explains how our brains subconsciously assess others’ health and determine trustworthiness, a hard-wired human survivor trait. Smiling and showing teeth, for example, signal health and nonthreatening behavior. Lynch emphasizes the significance of understanding these cues as they play a crucial role in marketing and communication.

Ron Lynch’s Journey: From Failure to Retail Mogul:

Ron Lynch’s journey to becoming a formidable force in the retail industry is a testament to his determination and resilience. Starting off as a failed child actor and working at a grocery store, Ron seized an opportunity in making infomercials. His creative prowess led to the generation of around $6 billion in direct receipt revenue across 300 different brands and products. Today, he is fully dedicated to teaching and research, exploring a range of topics that pique his interest.

The Importance of Personal Experience and Success:

In the industry, Ron Lynch values personal experience and success as critical components for success. He highlights the red flags of working with insecure individuals and cautions against those solely driven by the desire for wealth and fame. Ron stresses the significance of providing a great product that sells itself, rather than focusing solely on making money at the expense of customers. To ensure the success of a product, he advises testing it financially to gauge its potential and garner feedback from articulate and savvy individuals.

Leveraging Testimonials and Media Outreach:

Ron Lynch takes us through his process of leveraging testimonials and media outreach to promote products. He shares how he requests samples from a product, distributes them to individuals for feedback, conducts video interviews, and captures people’s first responses to the product. With this extensive collection of content, Ron creates testimonial videos, animation assets, and short videos, using them to attract customers and reach out to the media effectively. Additionally, he highlights the role of visually appealing product imagery in captivating audiences.

Unearthing Connections and Crafting Creative Briefs with Ron Lynch:

Ron Lynch delves into the importance of unearthing connections and crafting creative briefs as part of his marketing strategy. He showcases the process of creating a headline for a product and the discoveries made along the way. Drawing upon the example of a fitness product based on resistance, Ron reveals the connection between resistance exercises and their importance in zero gravity environments like the International Space Station. He explains how NASA has invested extensive research into this field to ensure astronauts’ muscular and skeletal health in space.

Building Relationships with Influential Figures:

As someone who has amassed rich clientele, including athletes, actors, and business moguls, Ron Lynch speaks on the art of building relationships with influential figures. He emphasizes the importance of not getting starstruck and engaging in normal conversations about mundane topics. By being a genuine friend devoid of ulterior motives, Ron has found that famous individuals are often drawn to his authenticity and invite him on vacations. He emphasizes the need to treat all relationships equally, regardless of fame or status.

Picking Winners: Problems, Audiences, and Storytelling

Ron Lynch imparts wisdom on how he assesses potential winning projects and people to invest his energy into. He emphasizes the importance of picking products that solve real problems without existing solutions. Identifying a target audience that resonates with the problem is also crucial. Moreover, Ron highlights the significance of margin and storytelling in the success of a product. He shares success stories, including the example of Circle Beverages Acirkul, which solved the problem of expensive beverages at airports.

Key Principles: Incremental Progress, Accountability, and Delegation

Ron Lynch imparts key principles that have guided his success. He emphasizes the importance of incremental progress, highlighting how success can be achieved over time. Furthermore, he stresses the significance of implementing simple and accountable structures to drive business success. Ron reveals that despite having partial ownership in 70 companies, effective delegation allows him to maintain a hands-off approach.

Trust, Relationships, and The Future:

In the final segment, Ron Lynch delves into the importance of credibility, building relationships, and trust in the digital age. He discusses the rise of anonymity as a significant concept in web 3.0. He also questions the ownership of personal data by tech companies rather than the individual. Ron emphasizes the potential misuse of personal data and the importance of individual ownership of identity. He envisions a future where individuals can have multiple avatars, with fame and influence existing alongside anonymity.

Under the crown with Ron Lynch


Ron Lynch’s journey from failed child actor to driving billions in revenue showcases the power of persistence. It also shows the impact of building genuine relationships with influential figures. His insights on the science of trust, leveraging testimonials and media outreach, and picking winning projects offer valuable lessons for those navigating the world of business. As the future unfolds, Ron’s vision of individual ownership of identity and the rise of anonymity will continue to grow.